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No Fun News – 8 – Straight #NFT Data

Sep 18, 2021 | NFT, No Fun News Updates | 0 comments


It feels like things are heating up!

Apes are putting on suits in preparation for the Christie’s Auction, floors are rising, & people are finally getting over that Nate Open sea thing. 

I’m Caster The Toad & this is your no fun news round up, brought to you by the No Fun Toads.

Cryptoadz with a Z are at it again, with their floor price sneaking up on 2 ETH, and their volume coming in 4th, lead only by Bored Apes, Art Blocks, and cryptoPunks. 

Two new collections have exploded onto the scene with Peaceful Groupies & the CryptoDads, each doing over 1000 ETh in volume in the past 24 hrs. 

Peacefulvgroupies are psychedelic, desert alien trippers, while the other is dads. Those two things are not mutually exclusive kids. 

But what are exclusive are auto glyphs, the first on-chain generative art pieces created by Larva Labs – who were also the creators of CryptoPunks. 

Autoglyph #336 Sold for 384.38 ETh yesterday. Which leaves the auto glyph floor at 404 ETH, or roughly 1.5 Million dollars. 

Thanks for watching folks and be sure to follow the No Fun Toads, as we have a special surprise for you tomorrow.

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