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No Fun News – 7 – ERC20 and #NFT Combos

Sep 17, 2021 | NFT, No Fun News Updates | 0 comments


How about that new iPhone 13. Improved camera functionality. Huh?  Didn’t see that one coming. I’m Caster the toad and this is your No Fun News Update, brought to you by No Fun Toads. 

Airdrops are huge in the NFT space. With one of the most famous being every Bored Ape Holder receiving a Doggo. But recently, there’s a shift toward NFT holders receiving ERC20 token airdrops. 

For instance, a prominently backed project that revealed yesterday, uninterested Unicorns will soon be airdropped UniCandy rewards (UCD). While the details still aren’t entirely clear, it seems UCD is an erc20 token that can be used to buy Merch, participate in future Unicorn breeding drops, function as an in game currency and be freely tradeable on Decentralized Exchanges.

Another example, Loot holders famously received 10,000 AGLD tokens, that were at one point worth $7 dollars a pop. AGLD is a token that was developed by a prominent ETH team member, and hopes to serve as the decentralized currency for the gaming universe Loot has spawned. 

Here’s a unique loop:

A fun non-fungible to fungible combo was developed by famous artist Pak. Essentially, if you own any of his NFTs you can go to and burn one to receive ASH token, which you can then trade for ETH, buy more NFTs and burn them to get more ash. 

Well, this toad is dizzy and doesn’t really know what any of this means yet, but does feel that NFT to ERC20 tokenomics are something to keep your eye on if you are an active NFT trader. You don’t want to miss out on the next $70,000 airdrop. 

And you also don’t want to miss out on No Fun Toads. So give us a follow and join our discord. We’ll be rewarding early members who help us hop into the zeitgeist.

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