Free Vocal & Ear Training Exercises

Free Vocal & Ear Training Exercises

Download these free vocal & ear training exercises to improve your singing and your ability to identify notes and scales by ear.

Free Vocal & Ear Training Exercises

Just like working out at the gym, by consistently doing these exercises your voice will get stronger and more resonate.

Trust me, I SUCKED, but was determined to get better.  I took a bunch of lessons and courses and now I can hold my own in a room or up on stage. 

I even get complimented on my voice when I finish an open mic or when I’m jamming out with friends. That NEVER would have happened before I started training.

On my journey to becoming a better singer, I’ve found that you have to train the vocal cords and the ears. I couldn’t find any singing exercises that explicitly focused on doing both, so I made my own. 

These free audio files combine vocal exercises with ear training exercises. Not only will they teach you how to sing better, they will focus on what notes, intervals and scales you are singing so that your ear becomes better attuned and you can more easily pick out melodies in a song. 

To get started, listen through the exercises as you follow along with the accompanying PDF in the download pack. These lessons will be difficult at first, but don’t get discouraged. Do what you can. Notice where you are having trouble and simply be aware of it for now. 

Try to do these exercises 4 to 5 times a week. *Be sure to give your voice at least a day of rest every week. After a few weeks, you’ll be a much better singer with a stronger, fuller voice, and your ear will be better able to recognize melodies and individual notes. 

Congratulations on starting your journey toward becoming a better singer and musician. These exercises have helped me tremendously. By giving them to you for free, I hope they do the same.

Download the audio files & PDF to get started today.

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