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The Defiants

December 5

The Defiants NFT

13,888 NFTs in the Defiant Digisphere. Twitter | Discord

Become one of 13,888 Defiants, sustain your livelihood within the
Defiant Digisphere, and take your place in shaping a new future.

CRUX tokens are the core of our Digisphere and are generated by the
3,000 Defiants equipped with yield weapons.

Don’t have a weapon? Build one in our Core Crux Laboratory.

Yield generating weapons designed to beat the system, sophisticated
clues left in tx hashes, and automatically printed serial numbers on the
NFT, and The Brain Trust DAO that will give our community the chance to
sustain their livelihood outside of ‘normal’ society inside our

We strive for utility first and foremost.

Join our community, become an Early Adopter, and get Whitelisted for our

Pre-sale event: 3rd of December
Public Sale: 5th of December
Reveal date: 7th of December


December 5