ClickUp Review 2021: Why ClickUp is Great for Marketing Agencies

ClickUp is an effective and incredibly useful tool for project management, which is why Peer Through Media chose to start utilizing it and hasn’t looked back since. It has a wide array of features and competitive pricing that allow it to stand out among other project management software apps, like the one that will be…
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Buyers bidding and fighting over a digital asset

How to Grow Your Blog into a 6-Figure Digital Asset Savvy Buyers Will Fight Over

How to Develop Your Blog For many of us, starting a blog was a fun way to express our creativity and give us an outlet to share our interests. Some of us with an entrepreneurial spirit may have explored blogging as a side hustle. No matter which camp you started out in, the great news…
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Animated explainer video

5 Facts About Animated Explainer Videos and Production

One of the best ways to capture peoples’ attention is through video. Learn more about animated explainer videos so you can create your own.

Semrush vs moz vs Ahrefs

SEMRush vs. Moz vs. Ahrefs – Which Keyword Research Tool is Best?

A Keyword research tool helps you create content that stands out. In this article we will go over SEMRush vs. Moz vs. Ahrefs vs GrowthBar and discover which keyword research tool is best for your situation. There are more than 600 million blogs on the internet. In order to stand out, you need to focus on search…
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Promote Your Music Video With YouTube Ads

Learn a YouTube ads strategy to promote your music video. Peer into my campaign and follow step by step instructions to create your own.

University Essay

How Mind Maps Can Help You With University Essays

It’s cliché to say that essay writing is an art form, but it’s true. Like any art, you can perfect it with practice. Part of the secret to producing great art lies in the technique used. Developing the special technique of mind mapping is one perspective you could apply to the university essay-writing process. Typically between…
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7 Mind Map Use Cases

7 Different Tasks That Mind Maps Can Help With

This is it, this is the big day. You are finally presenting your awesome idea to someone who can help make it happen. But then tragedy strikes, you have your notecards but you can’t remember what you’re supposed to say next! If this sounds familiar, it’s because it’s an all too common situation that anyone…
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MInd Maps for project management

Get Organized: How Mind Maps Can Help With Project Management

Almost every entrepreneur, blogger, or small business owner is brimming with great ideas. When inspiration hits, getting your ideas down on paper can feel overwhelming. Traditional note-taking doesn’t always align with how your mind works during that creative state. Nor does it flow with the many asynchronous branches of project management. If you’re balancing many…
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Market Validation with GrowthBar

Keyword Research For Fast Market Validation

You have a business idea. If you’re like me you want to run off and create it, ASAP, before performing any market validation. Maybe you do a quick Google to see if it already exists. But just worrying about whether an idea exists is a rookie mistake. In fact, competition not existing may be a…
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Mus Have Plugins

5 Must-Have Plugins For a New WordPress Site

If you’re just getting started building a website, congratulations! The process can be a lot of fun—especially if you get started on the right foot. Did you know there are over 50,000 WordPress plugins? With numbers like that, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But don’t be; this article will get you started with just five must-have plugins. Once you’re…
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