Blockchain Video Marketing

Explainer videos for blockchain, cryptocurrency, ICO’s, & more.

Blockchain companies need help conveying their message to today’s audience.

Traditionally, this is done through a well-crafted video, but the problem is, there aren’t a lot of companies who are top-notch storytellers AND Blockchain Experts.

That’s where we come in.

We’ve Been Deep In The Blockchain Industry Since 2016

I’m Mark, the founder of Peer Through. Storytelling, filmmaking, & creativity have been my passion since day 1, but I first fell down the crypto rabbit hole in 2016.

I instantly felt it was the wave of the future & wanted to utilize my skill set to help usher in the new world.

Knowing how powerful video is as a sales tool, I sent out a fun video and landed a job at ConsenSys.

I was there for 3 years and my first big win was a token launch video for Grid+. I then built out a team and we went on to tell the stories for hundreds of projects, developer tools & consumer dapps.

We’re Passionate About The Ecosystem & Users of The Tech

We don’t just want to explain your project, we’ll probably want to use it too.

Since the days of single collateral DAI, we’ve been tinkering with MakerDAO CDPs & selling cartoons as NFT’s.

Today, we’re yield farming, building our own DAO’s, and feeling amazed at how much you can actually do with blockchain.

With so many exciting projects and connections between those projects, our team is honored to help the industry snowball.

Dai Robot Blockchain Video

We’re Working With Today’s Biggest Players

Our videos were front & center for Coinlist’s biggest launch in history (Casper labs: 62 Million).

We’ve helped Chainlink navigate virtual events during Covid, & Ampleforth explain some of the most fascinating shifts in economic policy.

We’re the best blockchain video marketers and we want to partner with the best blockchain projects.

If you’re working on something interesting, we’d love to tell your story.

This is just a small sample of our work. If you’re looking for something in particular, or want to talk with us about your specific needs, send us an email:



Venice, CA