The Origin Story

When COVID-19 and the quarantine hit, my heart first went out to those who were sick from the disease. Without medical training, there wasn’t too much I could do to help in that arena.

However, when friends, family members and millions of others began losing their jobs due to the lockdown, I realized that is where I could be of service.  

I am so incredibly thankful that I have a few blogs and online businesses that earn me a location independent income and allow me to not stress about finances during these trying times.  I can teach you and others to create the same. 

This is not about “bro, you can work from the beach” but rather, “You can support yourself and loved ones if we are all locked inside and unable to go to work.”

I have content that works for everyone, but I primarily focus on creatives and entrepreneurs who are looking to up their skills and apply a strategy to their creativity that will make it financially stable. 

About Mark


I have failed at more businesses than I can count. Each failure taught me so much. Luckily, I have succeeded at a few businesses too. 


Every week I have a new obsession, so I learn a lot of new skills. I love to teach, so I hope to pass on the stuff that works.


Like you I am more about art and creativity and following your passion than money or data.


we all need to learn and apply a little strategy to our creative endeavors if we want to make an impact.