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No Fun News – 2 – Crazy Lizard Army, Bento Box, 1 inch, Take My Muffin

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We now interrupt your Opensea scrolling to bring you Episode 2 of the NFT News Round Up Brought to you by Cryptoadddsss.

I’m Caster The Toad. While it may not be mythologically accurate, the crazy lizard army has unleashed the evolution of Crazy Dragon Corps.

You can only mint a crazy dragon, by burning 3 crazy lizards. This is a cool concept that makes Crazy Lizards Deflationary and should theoretically raise the lizard floor.

The dragons themselves are in egg stage right now and will be revealed later this week. Speaking of mythological creatures, the popular DEX 1 inch who’s logo is a unicorn has sponsored the NFT themed series Take My Muffin.

This comes as a further signal that NFTs and cartoons are continuing to mesh as Fox Entertainment announced it’s 100 Million Dollar creative fund for NFT animations and we’ve all likely heard of stonercats, a series that was funded via an NFT sale and has names like Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Seth McFarland, Chris Rock and even Vitalik Bueterin.

That’s enough talk about real humans for today – fall back into your world of trading jpgs created by shadowy super coders. And as always, stay tuned in our twitter and discord for the launch of the crypto’s crew.

Hey Jerry! how do we get in on some of that 100 Million dollar fox money?


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