Month: March 2019

Masterclass Review

Masterclass Review 2020 – Is Masterclass Worth It?

In this Masterclass Review, I’ll help you decide if Masterclass is worth it. I’ll also include brief write ups and ratings of the specific Masterclass courses I have taken so far. If you’re not into reading, you can watch some Masterclass trailers on the official Masterclass site, or scroll down to watch a Masterclass Review…
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Superior Singing Method Singing Lessons

Singing Lessons: Superior Singing Method Review

Skeptical that online singing lessons would work, I took the Superior Singing Method course for 8 weeks and documented my progress.

How To Chroma Key: Aka Make Green Screen Videos

How To Chroma Key: AKA Make Green Screen Videos

Creating chroma key videos, aka green screen videos, is far easier and cheaper than you’d expect. Here’s what you’ll need and how to do it.