Hi. I’m Mark. I Love To Learn & Teach.

I created this website and first course during COVID -19 quarantine. The first course teaches others the necessary skills to generate income online. It is completely free.

I hope it brings you a little comfort, stability, and hope in these challenging times.

Actionable Training

Not just theory, but concrete steps. I’ll give you actionable tasks and you’ll leave courses with a finished product.

Honest Content

Like you, I’m a curious person who is constantly learning. I’ll present what I know, not exaggerate, and not be a know-it-all

We’re In This Together!

I’ll offer weekly group office hours for this first course. I’m excited to answer questions and learn from you!

Learn To Make Money Blogging

Make the most of your quarantine time and set yourself up with a site and strategy to create an online income.

This is isn’t a get rich scheme, or a guarantee, but it is a highly plausible path that I have followed to earn an extra $5k+ a month.

That extra income has been incredibly comforting during these tough times. Everyone deserves that comfort. I hope to give you the skills to create it for yourself.


Social Media Marketing

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Email Marketing Strategies

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Content Marketing

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How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners – Free COVID-19 Edition

How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners is a free course on how to create an online income stream for an extra source of stability in our new economy.

Use Your QuaranTime Productively

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About Your Instructor

Endlessly Curious

I learn a lot of skills, because every week I have a new idea or obsession. I love to teach, so I hope to pass on the stuff that works that I learn.


I have failed at more businesses than you can count. Each failure taught me so much. Luckily, I have succeeded at a few businesses. So I do have valuable and proven skills to teach you.

An Honest, Entertaining Weirdo

I’m a musician and creative storyteller, so I will be sure to weave that into these educational courses so that you are not only informed, but entertained. Like you, I am more about art and creativity and following your passion than money or data. However, the truth is that we all need to learn a little strategy and business if we want to successfully spread our creativity and make an impact.

We’re In This Together!

We all are constantly learning. Join me so that together we can explore how to utilize our creative skills to spread a positive message and make a comfortable living.